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Astronomy Venture Portal

Logo Cloudless Nights - by Vahlbruch Media, LLC

Cloudless Nights

Discover The Universe In Theory And Practice

  • Learn about Astronomy
  • Master Astrophotography
  • Explore how scientists work
  • Follow ambitious projects

Geology Venture Portal

Logo Restless Grounds - by Vahlbruch Media, LLC

Restless Grounds

Amateur Research In Geology And Geophysics

  • Learn about tectonics, volcanoes and earthquakes
  • Discover interesting places
  • Explore how scientists work
  • Follow ambitious projects

Software Venture Portal

Logo Byte Scientific - by Vahlbruch Media, LLC

Byte Scientific

Discover Intelligent Solutions And Software Used In Sciences

  • Learn about modern AI algorithms
  • Master Machine Learning problems
  • Build modern Blockchain solutions
  • Discover open-source software used in modern sciences 
  • Find inspiration for your own projects

Volcano Venture Portal

Logo Volcano Expeditions - by Vahlbruch Media, LLC

Volcano Expeditions

Explore Volcanoes In Theory And Practice

  • Learn about volcanoes in theory
  • Find out more about active volcanoes
  • Discover volcanoes with our travel reports
  • Prepare for your own trip to active volcanoes

Jennifer did a beautiful job of capturing the essence of our style and aesthetic. Her eye behind the camera is well studied and the results are everything we had hoped for.

Steve Rogers
Owner, Prize Antiques

The Dr. Reisach Kliniken – the psychosomatic clinics Adula Klinik, Oberstdorf and Hochgrat Klinik, Stiefenhofen – have been working together with Jennifer Vahlbruch for many years. Her highly developed view of the whole and her ability to capture and photograph landscapes and objects have given our website and the clinic brochures a special and professional touch and highly enhanced them visually.

The perfectly processed and high-quality images carry life and warmth into our office. Our employees and we rest our eyes on it and no client leaves our rooms without having praised the work of the artist and her magnificent atmospheric effect.

The images have already become an integral part of our hut in the city. Quite discreetly they make a central contribution to the very nice atmosphere of our gastronomy, training rooms and offices and thus contribute significantly to our success. The beautiful views make everyday life a beautiful mountain experience.

Michael Turobin-Ort
Managing Director, DAV Kempten

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