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Heinz & Jennifer Vahlbruch

"We live our dreams and follow our interests by writing about on our websites. We follow our passions and do what we love by providing professional services to our clients. It is our mission to entertain and educate our readers with high-quality, valuable content and to provide premium results to our customers and clients. We focus on responsibility, rationality and sustainability. Our life is our business and with like-minded partners and aiding one another, we can make a big step ahead together."

Heinz & Jennifer Vahlbruch ‧ Founders & Owners

Your Partnership Benefits

Choose from a variety of topics

We cover broad premium topics as well as niches with highly active users:
Art | Astronomy | Astrophotography | Blockchain | Food | Geology | Machine Learning | Outdoor |  Photography | Tourism | Travel | Volcanoes

Customized partnership programs with tailored options

Whether your business operates global, national or locally, we got you covered with multiple partnership options tailored to your needs to get the best possible result for your efforts.

Various kinds of output for you

Together, we will find out what kind of visibility and content will work best for you. In addition to standard services and depending on your partnership level, we will provide digital content for you in different sorts and specifically for your needs.

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This Is How We Work

What you can expect from us in our partnership and what not


  • We rely on quality - always  
  • We build on sustainable growth
  • We aim for connected and responsive followers
  • We focus on value - always
  • We travel and work responsible
  • We are transparent in what we do
  • We are committed, reliable and passionate


  • We are not modern influencers  
  • We don't call it "sponsorship"
  • We do not aim only for big numbers of followers or likes
  • We do not follow hypes
  • We don't post unnecessarily on Social Media
  • We do not lie or tell our readers not the truth


If you are not looking for the short-term success and not only count on big numbers, then we might make a good match.
We want not only to grow our business but also to live a fulfilled live and let our dreams come true. Building on quality takes time and hard work, and we are willing to provide everything we have to provide value for our readers, customers, clients and our partners.

If you like that idea, we would love to hear from you!

Partnership Packages

We offer different Marketing Partnership packages, each of them optimized for different business needs. They all contain standard services but please note that all packages can be completely customized.


Perfect for local businesses

  • Targeted visibility on our content page
  • Listing in our newsletter
  • Post on our Social Media channels
  • Listing on our partner page
  • Listing in our Business Directory
  • Ready-to-use marketing content for you

Ideal for specific topics

  • Targeted visibility on our topic pages
  • Multiple listings in our newsletter
  • Multiple posts on our Social Media channels
  • Extended listing on our partner page
  • Extended listing in our Business Directory
  • Ready-to-use marketing content for your campaigns

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