We are travelers and adventurers, photographers and writers, artists and scientists.

Living our dreams is our business

We educate and entertain our readers on our publishing projects while we help our business partners and commercial clients to get more and happier customers through our marketing and consulting services.

Jennifer & Heinz Vahlbruch //  Owners

How we can help your business

Marketing Media

We create images, videos and text for your print or online marketing activities.

Commercial Photography

We help you to present your business and products in the best possible visual way.

Digital Marketing

Use our publishing projects or consulting services to market your business smart and efficiently.

Marketing Consulting

We help you to design and automate your marketing activities and processes in a smart way.

Fine Art Photography

We help you to attract high potential customers by hosting or supporting fine art events.

Plattform Marketing

Get in touch with interested customers through our precisely targeted smart marketing plattforms.

our special business services

Combinations of our services and offers for selected industries

Vahlbruch Photography

Commercial Photography Services including Corporate Image & Food Photography, Office Wall Decoration



Marketing and business consulting services for selected Tourism businesses.

Smart Active Marketing

Smart Active Marketing

Digital marketing concepts and solutions focusing on email and process automation for all industries.

More service websites to come in 2019 / 2020

markets we are working in




Fine Art



Life Development



our publishing projects

Education and entertainment for our readers - marketing opportunities for our partners

Under Great American Skies

Under Great American Skies

Exploring the USA

Roads and Words

Roads and Words

Travel in state around the world

Mainly Travel

Mainly Travel

Travel tips, information and directories

Project Life2

Project Life 2

Change your life and live your dreams

Vahlbruch Fine Art

Vahlbruch Fine Art

Premium fine art prints in selected editions

Earth Ssciences Blog

Earth Sciences Blog

Learn about the earth: geology, oceanography, astronomy, meteorology

Jennifer Vahlbruch Photography

Jennifer Vahlbruch Photography

Personal artist profile of a fine art photographer

More publishing projects to come in 2019 / 2020. Watch out for projects covering these topics:
Photography School, Astronomy, Volcanoes, Outdoor Tours

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