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We build and grow several websites around the things we love to do where we publish unique and valuable content created by us or premium vendors.

Our venture and topic portals provide targeted online marketing opportunities for your business in the Travel, Outdoor, Photography, Sciences, Art, or Food industry.

Consulting & Media Services

We share our experience in digital marketing and our expert knowledge and help businesses in the Travel, Tourism, Sciences, and Art industries being successful their digital marketing activities.

For several markets, we also provide travel, media creation, editorial or other specific services to support our clients in producing premium content.

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Explorers, and Consultants

Heinz & Jennifer Vahlbruch

Jennifer & Heinz Vahlbruch
Founders & Owners

Living Our Dreams Is Our Business

Doing what we love most, we share our adventures with our readers to educate and entertain them. We create unique valuable content, educational products and exclusive fine art. We love to work with our marketing partners and business clients and help them get more and happier customers.

Jennifer did a beautiful job of capturing the essence of our style and aesthetic. Her eye behind the camera is well studied and the results are everything we had hoped for.

Steve Rogers
Owner, Prize Antiques

Spontaneous – creative – and flexible - Working with Jennifer always leads to great results. The images exactly showed our product and touched the viewer emotionally. Simply perfect!

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Adorable - professional - unique - For many years we like to work with the footage of Jennifer. She is able to capture the great outdoors, her inhabitants, and moods with her pictures and bring the dreams and experiences of our guests into our business premises and our media. Thanks!

The Dr. Reisach Kliniken – the psychosomatic clinics Adula Klinik, Oberstdorf and Hochgrat Klinik, Stiefenhofen – have been working together with Jennifer Vahlbruch for many years. Her highly developed view of the whole and her ability to capture and photograph landscapes and objects have given our website and the clinic brochures a special and professional touch and highly enhanced them visually.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you working from?

We are mostly working from our office location near Houston, Texas, USA. In that case, we're located in the Central Standard Time (CST) time zone (UTC-06:00).

However, when we're traveling, we're working from different locations. But you will always be informed about our schedule and availability.

What is it like working with you?

It's a luxury to work with the right people. Here's how we like to work, and if you're the same way then we think we'll work great together.

  • We truly care about your success and the results that we deliver for you.
  • We are extremely approachable, hands-on, and passionate about what we do. 
  • We're German :-), which means we are prompt, efficient and am striving for highest quality.
  • We are used in communicating about project timelines and goals and we always keep project documentation up-to-date. 
  • We love to email or work in collaboration tools because it gives us a trail of our conversation that's easy to follow, but we can always schedule a call if needed. 
  • We believe in mutual trust, respect, and being 100% ethical in all business dealings.
  • Working together should feel like a nice, relaxed conversation in a coffee shop between friends.

Do you have a waiting list?

We can only work with a set number of clients on projects. We believe that anyone currently working with us deserves our undivided attention.

We will place new inquiries on a waiting list or even don't accept a project at all if we feel that we wouldn't be able to maintain our commitments.

How much do you charge?

We will be upfront with you: we are definitely not the cheapest option. Hopefully you are not looking to take something as important as your project and do it on the cheap. We are also not the most expensive option, either.

We will work together to find a perfect fit for you, how much work we will provide per month at a monthly rate or for a flat price.

Do you work legally and secure?

Security is very important, and you can rely on our efforts to meet highest security standards.

All our equipment is maintained up-to-date, legally licensed, and we do backups regularly.

We also prefer to work on your systems so that all data is always under your control.

Do you outsource any work?

We do not outsource any work that we are supposed to do on our own.

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